The convenient, affordable and SAFE way to save your money!

How to get your PEPplus savings account:

  • Go to any PEP, PEPcell or PEPhome with your green barcoded ID document, cell phone number and PEPclub card
  • If you do not have a PEPclub card one will be issued to you at the till point – free of charge
  • Ask the cashier to open a PEPplus account and pay a once-off card fee of R14.99
  • Activate your account by loading money onto your PEPplus savings card with:
    • PEPplus tokens
    • EFT (salary / wages can be paid into your account)
    • Transfer money into the account
  • Dial *130*737# FREE on your cell phone and complete your mobile registration
  • Mobile registration allows you to have safe and secure access to your account 24/7 through mobile banking
  • You are now ready to do transactions via your mobile phone 24/7
    • Pay your bills
    • Buy airtime
    • Send money
    • Buy electricity

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