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PEP aims to help its customers to look and feel good

Some interesting facts

  • PEP opened its first store in 1965 in De Aar in the Northern Cape
  • PEP operates more around 2000 retail stores in Southern African
  • PEP is the biggest single brand retailer in Africa
  • PEP employs more than 15 000 people
  • PEP has shown double digit growth for the past 17 years for both sales and operating profit
  • PEP’s customers are remarkable people who, on a very small budget, make it possible for their families to live with dignity and pride
  • A unique culture, Sikhula KunYe (growing together), unites everyone at PEP
  • PEP people are called Dynamos and they greet each other with a high five
  • More than 50% of PEP’s store managers are promoted from within the company
  • PEP has three distribution centres in Southern Africa, as well as 13 transport hubs, together occupying more than 250 000 m² – that’s the size of 46 football fields
  • PEP sells 226 000 facecloths per week and 5600km of toothpicks annually
  • PEP sells more prepaid handsets in South Africa than all the other retailers combined.
  • As well as clothing and footwear, PEP sells homeware, FMCG, cellular and airtime products and also offers a range of other services such as cash-backs, Capfin (for loans), funeral policies, cross-border money transfers, selected bill payments, Flash electricity tokens, a VISA debit card called PEPplus and more …
  • PEP has a chain of around 163 stand-alone homeware stores called PEPhome
  • PEP has around 367 stand-alone PEPcell stores that sell airtime and cellular products
  • The first Pepmarket store opened in October 2015 in Bellville. The store offers a wide variety of products across Health & Beauty, Food, Home and Clothing catering for the PEP customer. PEP has around 367 stand-alone PEPcell stores that sell airtime and cellular products
  • PEPclub operates the dial string *130*737# - a free platform that allows users to message each other free of charge and check their PEPclub rewards. If you have a PEPplus account you can also use the string to check your balance, buy airtime & electricity and transfer money to another PEPplus account. A PEPplus to PEPplus money transfer is the cheapest money transfer in South Africa
  • PEP owns a clothing factory in Cape Town that manufactures most of its schoolwear
  • PEP has its own in-store radio station called Feelgood FM which aims to entertain shoppers and inform them about specials and promotions. FGFM is broadcast live seven days a week.
  • PEP aims to help its customers to look and feel good
  • Margins are kept low to keep prices low so that more people are able to buy from PEP
  • PEP operates a lay-bye system to help customers plan their purchases
  • PEP tries to be the friendliest and aims to be the most exciting retailer in Southern Africa
  • PEP believes in giving back to the communities it serves and each PEP region is empowered to give back to the communities at a local levelPEP’s flagship CSI project is the PEP Academy. In 2016 there are 17 PEP academies operating within existing schools across four provinces helping to give around 1 500 Grade 4 learners the building blocks of education (numeracy and literacy) and improve the reading competency of about 1300 Grade 5 learners through a custom-made library-based programme. Altogether, since its launch in 2008 and up to end 2016, the PEP Academy has helped around 17 000 learners, hundreds of teachers and school managers and invested around R60 million.
  • PEP has partnered with the Thandulwazi, a programme of the St. Stithians Foundation, to extend its teacher development programme to the Limpopo province. About 420 teachers in the Sekhukhune District are registered and invited to attend 24 workshops during the course of the year. The emphasis is in building the capacity of teachers in the areas of maths, science and language.
  • PEP’s vision:Delighted customers: our focus and pleasure
  • PEP’s mission:We strive to be the friendliest and most exciting retailer offering up-to-date and durable products at the best prices
  • PEP’s values:Honesty, Passion, Resourcefulness
Sikhula Kunye - Vision, Mission & Values


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    • Interesting figures
    • PEP sells:
    • 226 000facecloths per week and 5600km of toothpicks annually
    • 55%of all schoolwear and 72% of school shoes sold in SA
    • 32%of all baby and 18% of all kids clothing in South Africa
    • This year over:
    • 600 million products will be sent to more than 1 600 stores
    • 250 million customer transactions will be conducted
    • 160 million airtime vouchers will be sold – 1000 every minute
    • 35 million disposable nappies will be sold – that’s 4 every trading second
    • PEP tries to be the friendliest retailer in Southern Africa PEP aims to be the most exciting retailer in Southern Africa