We love it when our customers are feeling good! PEP’s very own radio station, FEELGOOD FM, keeps you informed of specials and promotions seven days a week, all while having a great time. Join us in stores, or tune in straight from your desktop or mobile phone. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook!

If you’re having trouble connecting, please visit our FAQ page for help.


Listen to Feelgood FM live

Difference in quality levels?

  • Low - ±20MB per hour / 40kbps: a low quality stream for slow or expensive connections such as EDGE or 3G, good for voice content but not ideal for music.
  • Medium - ±40MB per hour / 80kbps: the default quality level suitable for most connection types. Provides great voice quality and a decent music experience.
  • High - ±80MB per hour / 160kbps: a much higher audio quality level suitable for faster connections. Provides quality equal or better than FM broadcasts.

On what browsers does your live-streaming work?

Our live-streams are tested with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE9 to IE11.

Opera Mini and IE6 to IE8 is not supported. Some Android versions may have difficulty playing the streams in the pre-installed browser. We highly recommend installing the latest version of Chrome Android.